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Church Websites

We are in fellowship with a number of churches throughout the United States and Canada. These include the following:

Churches in Ohio

Ministry Websites

Brother Titus Chu has served a number of churches in the Great Lakes area of the United States and Canada, including the church here in Chicago, for many years. He has also served the Lord extensively in Asia and Africa. Below is a website presenting the ministry of Titus and his co-workers.

He has also published a number of books, several of which may be downloaded in PDF format from his website. Two of these are:

Come to the Presence of the Lord

Born Again: Our New Life in Christ

Through the fellowship of brother Titus and his coworkers, an online school was formed in Fall 2020. The school is aimed at digging into the riches of the Bible, church history, and hymns to edify and connect saints and churches around the world. Below is the website for the school:

A Sweet Savor Bible School

General Christian Websites

Below are various websites made by or for young people from among the churches with details on events, testimonies, reflections, artwork, and music.

Below are various websites that have helpful tools and commentaries for Bible study.

Christian Websites from Saints
Who Meet with Us

This website is about the Christian faith and the Christian life:

This website is for the gospel and for uplifting Christians’ understanding of salvation: